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Name: John Lynch

Birthdate: 16 May 1984

Location: Sydney, Australia

Currently Playing: Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

School: University of Western Sydney


  • Video games
  • Reading
  • Coding
  • Ancient History


This is just a small list of articles I feel I've contributed to in a significant way. I prefer to contribute to articles that are stubs or lacking in content, so once an article has been brought up to a certain standard, I prefer to move onto another article, especially if a few other people have begun regularly updating it.

Current Project[edit]

Get the Breath of Fire series up to the quality of the Final Fantasy related pages, using the work of the wikiproject. I'm unlikely to manage it, but I would like to see how far I get. Here are a list of the pages so far:

Add Content[edit]

There is a "myth" of the "Warrior of the Dragon."

Ryu has a scar that is somehow significant. He grieves over the death of Sara.

had used letter-poison trick before.

Future Projects[edit]

Here are a list of articles I would like to eventually work on: